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Our Approach

Building a true relationship with our clients is the foundation of our proven results.

Whether your legal issues arise from an internal shift in strategy, imminent litigation or current economic conditions, the corporate and litigation lawyers of Parr Brown will apply legal expertise to your critical business concerns to provide focused and timely insights and advice. Legal expertise is an important feature when selecting a law firm, but how well the knowledge is applied and delivered is where the real value lies. By working closely with clients we create rock solid corporate and litigation solutions, based on years of legal and industry experience, but unique to your situation.

Knowing our client’s circumstance inside and out.

Client service is our distinguishing characteristic. Our focus is to deliver outstanding service, create value and help clients anticipate and plan for the future. We have learned over the years that whether we succeed in providing excellent service depends on our clients' perceptions of what we have delivered. In light of that, we don't expect you to fit into a narrowly defined concept of service. Instead, we ask that you help us by expressing your expectations, your preferences and your goals so we can deliver the highest level of legal service possible.

Although a bit unusual for the legal industry, we operate in a collegial environment, which means we are highly concerned about matching the right legal talent to each client's situation. Right talent can be defined as specific law or industry expertise as well as the level of experience appropriate for the circumstances. The benefit for clients is a cost-effective, value-driven approach to working out business issues.