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Electricity Daily The Bush administration is quietly negotiating behind the scenes on some compromises to its Clear Skies approach to rewriting the 1990 Clean Air Act, according to Utah environmental lawyer Steve Christiansen. “The scuttlebutt is that the White House is talking abut some changes to the bill it introduced last year that would make the legislation more palatable to a wider group of players,” he told Electricity Daily last week. Christiansen, whose experience with the air law goes back to the early 1980s, said he suspects that the success of the administration’s “voluntary” reduction program – which apparently involves considerable twisting of arms

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Servs. Verizon Must Disclose Identity of Customer To RIAA In a case of first impression, a federal court has construed the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to require an Internet service provider to disclose the identity of a customer who allegedly engaged in copyright infringement. Recording Industry Association of America v. Verizon Internet Services, No. 02‑MS‑0323 (D.D.C. Jan. 21, 2003). The Recording Industry Association of America sought the identity of a customer of Verizon Internet Services who is alleged to have downloaded more than 600 songs from the Internet in a single day. The RIAA was able to identify the Internet