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Parr Brown is nationally recognized as a leading law firm in the area of election, political and campaign services. Our attorneys are admitted to practice in several states along with federal district courts, U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal, and the U.S. Supreme Court. This means our political lawyers can assist you in campaign or election-related matters, regardless of whether you need local to federal services.

The Adversarial Nature of Politics

Parr Brown’s litigators understand the legal intricacies involved in the world of politics. Whether our clients hold an elected office, or are running a grassroots campaign for promoting important legislation, we ensure all of their legal needs are met. Given the adversarial nature of politics, anyone who wants to create significant change is sure to meet resistance by those looking to maintain the status quo.

With an experienced political lawyer on your side, you can avoid many of the pitfalls experienced by campaign novices. Of course, not everything has to end up in a courtroom— this is one of the biggest benefits of having a campaign lawyer. Through settlements and early mediation, it’s possible to avoid litigation altogether. This can save your campaign time, money and possible public relations issues.

Defending Against Political Attacks

Unfortunately, the world of politics doesn’t always lend itself to logic and compromise. This is why a political lawyer with litigation experience is so crucial to have on your side. Although staying out of the courtroom should be a hopeful outcome, it should never be seen as an absolute necessity. It’s important that you’re prepared to stand up for your beliefs, and we can help with that.

Unfortunately, politics has become far more aggressive over the years. Libelous fake news, targeted campaigns of harassment, false criminal accusations, and attempts to illegally gather information have all become common practice in this area. Major campaigns can mitigate these problems with an experienced legal department on their side.

The Politicization of the Courtroom

In addition to a hyperpartisan atmosphere at all levels of government, many people are starting to view courtrooms as extensions of the political ideologies of those who appoint the judges. This is not how the justice system was meant to work, and with an experienced political lawyer, it’s easier to make sure you’re always on the right side of the law.

Your opponents should never think they can affect your policies through illegal actions, false accusations or threats of litigation. Whether you need an election attorney to ensure your campaign strategy meets legal requirements, or are ready to hold those who disseminate fake news and election misinformation accountable, the legal professionals at Parr Brown can help.

Examples of Our Successful Political Litigation Cases:

Among other election and government law matters, Parr Brown has handled the following:

  • Obtained federal injunction requiring the Utah Lt. Governor to include federal congressional candidates on a special election ballot.
  • Successfully defended county in opposing injunction brought by citizen initiative group regarding county-initiated change of form of government.
  • Advised client regarding successful ballot initiative law during signature gathering and approval process.
  • Filed petition for review of ballot title and petition for extraordinary writ with Utah Supreme Court for emergency relief staying deadline for submission of arguments for placement in voter information pamphlet.
  • Filed petition for extraordinary writ with Utah Supreme Court seeking to validate e-signatures by out-of-state voters during the referendum process to repeal state law.
  • Assisted commercial development interests and government entities in citizen referendum matters.

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