The explosive growth in the number of companies moving their business operations to a cloud-based environment is being driven by the desire to save time, money, and resources by leveraging the expertise of specialized IT companies. The technology benefits of migrating to cloud-based operations are considerable, but it is also important to perform proper due diligence around these process and environment changes. Most companies view the migration to cloud-based operations strictly as a technology initiative without considering the legal implications. Without the value of issue-specific counsel, executive management may be making decisions based on projected technology benefits without a clear understanding of the associated risks and a business plan to mitigate them.

Parr Brown has an experienced team that has been representing companies on SaaS and cloud-based migration issues for more than ten years. Our attorneys are able to help companies with service, support, licensing agreements and related due diligence and advise them on how technological changes affect legal, regulatory compliance, contractual matters, and workforce and HR issues in order to minimize risks associated with a cloud migration.

The following articles provide more information on the legal issues associated with a cloud-based ops migration: