Represented two young women and one young man in a proposed med-malpractice case.  The young women were 14 and 18 at the time they had minor shoulder surgeries.  They were both gifted competitive swimmers, who needed relatively routine surgeries on their shoulders.  One was set to swim in college.   The young man was then an aspiring dental student, now about to graduate as a dentist and move on to orthodontics  school.  Following the surgeries, a pain pump was used, which had the horrific effect of disintegrating their shoulder cartilage, leaving all three permanently injured.  Parr Brown quickly and wisely moved the cases from a medical malpractice track to a product liability track (turning doctors from foes to allies).
Despite insurance limits and other challenges, they were able to settle the three cases for significant sums (which are confidential), representing a substantial percentage of available insurance money for all of these cases across the country.
Wrongful death of a passenger in a car accident - killed by a negligent driver with no significant assets $500,000.
Represented a family where their baby boy was killed, a 2-year old seriously injured, and mother and father received minor injuries when a drunk, uninsured, speeding driver hit their car. Lobbied the Utah legislature for law changes, settled against the dram shop bar where the defendant had been drinking.  Large undisclosed sum.
Represented a construction worker in his mid-20s who fell from cherry picker and broke his arm. Case settlement was against the doctor who negligently set the arm to drain back into the wound; the arm was saved but with only limited mobility.  Case settled for hundreds of thousand of dollars.
Represented young woman who had partial loss of inner-ear function due to an over-prescribed and mismanaged antibiotic treatment.  Case settlement against doctor for multiple six figures.
Train wreck involving transport of solid rocket boosters en route to Cape Canaveral. Bridge collapsed on short line railroad as train crossed resulting in substantial human injury to 3 client passengers who were escorting the rocket motors.
Represented family of 80 year old man who was hit by an automobile while repairing sprinkler on his curb.
Represented a young woman who was severely injured.
Represented ten year old who suffered a severe arm injury from a head-on-collision.