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The Utah Supreme Court appointed Parr Waddoups lawyer Ronald Russell to serve on the Judicial Conduct Commission. The commission investigates and makes recommendations regarding allegations of misconduct by state judges. Mr. Russell is filling a term formerly held by Gayle McKeachnie, who resigned from the commission after being appointed lieutenant governor. His term ends June 30, 2004.

Preventative Measures and Reasonable Accommodations Making physical modifications within the existing work environment is a healthy start on making the workplace more accommodating for future employees who may have disabilities. Even though employers are not required to make workplace changes until an accommodation is actually necessary, they do have an obligation under Title I of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified job applicants with disabilities to participate in the hiring process. Therefore, taking preventative action will reduce the risk of noncompliance when interviewing people with disabilities and may limit future exposure to ADA litigation. Reasonable

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Electricity Daily The Bush administration is quietly negotiating behind the scenes on some compromises to its Clear Skies approach to rewriting the 1990 Clean Air Act, according to Utah environmental lawyer Steve Christiansen. “The scuttlebutt is that the White House is talking abut some changes to the bill it introduced last year that would make the legislation more palatable to a wider group of players,” he told Electricity Daily last week. Christiansen, whose experience with the air law goes back to the early 1980s, said he suspects that the success of the administration’s “voluntary” reduction program – which apparently involves considerable twisting of arms