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Parr Brown’s team of international business attorneys in Utah has assisted established global businesses, as well as companies considering international expansion. As Utah’s only member of Meritas Law Firms Worldwide, Parr Brown attorneys are able to call upon a high-quality network of local law firms in over 90 countries and 250 global markets throughout the world to advise clients on important local legal and business issues, wherever a client may consider doing business. Additionally, our attorneys speak over a dozen languages, helping to eliminate communication barriers. For more information regarding everything from international litigation services to assistance with global expansion, please contact one of the attorneys shown below.

Our International Business Attorneys Have Assisted Clients With:

  • Guiding and advising regarding international expansion and operations, including structuring U.S.-based operations.
  • Working with local legal and tax consultants in establishing a business presence in the target countries, including sales representatives, branch offices, wholly owned subsidiaries, and joint ventures.
  • Structuring business and financial operations to minimize enterprise taxes (overall taxes in multiple jurisdictions) and to minimize liability risks in all jurisdictions.
  • Licensing, transferring, and/or acquiring rights in intellectual property, domestically and internationally.
  • Negotiating and drafting inter- and intra-company agreements necessary for cross-border operations, including patent, copyright, and trademark license and transfer agreements; master services agreements; non-disclosure agreements; invention assignment agreements; Internet-related agreements; manufacturing, OEM, distribution and reseller agreements; purchase and sales agreement; and joint venture agreements.
  • Consulting on labor and employment issues.
  • Complying with relevant privacy and data protection requirements, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Complying with all applicable regulations and laws in business operations

Utah’s International Business Law Firm With a Long History Assisting Foreign Clients

As a highly experienced international business law firm, Parr Brown has a long history of representing foreign-based companies with their legal needs in the United States. As an example, we have assisted clients based in Japan, Australia, Korea, China, New Zealand and other Pacific Rim countries, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and countries throughout Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East with a wide variety of U.S.-based legal needs, including the following:

  • Corporate establishment and governance
  • Corporate finance
  • Contracts
  • Litigation
  • Construction law services
  • Employment law
  • Administrative and regulatory guidance
  • Natural resources
  • Real estate
  • Tax
  • Intellectual property and technology

International Litigation Services

Parr Brown’s international litigation services include representing numerous foreign clients in US-based litigation and US clients in dispute resolution proceedings (including arbitration, litigation and administrative hearings) in other countries. The Firm’s language capabilities and Meritas affiliation are invaluable benefits in cross-border matters. The Firm’s attorneys also regularly work under The Hague Convention and other international treaties and conventions regarding international service of process and evidence gathering in foreign jurisdictions.

Utah’s International Law Firm Affiliated With Meritas Law Firms Worldwide

Parr Brown is a founding member of Meritas Law Firms Worldwide – an integrated global alliance of more than 180 stringently vetted, independent commercial law firms in over 90 countries and nearly 250 global markets. As Utah’s only member law firm, Parr Brown is able to assist clients with legal needs throughout the country and around the world by providing access to high-quality, local law firms at competitive rates.

Client Benefits Created By Our Relationship With Meritas:

A U.S. construction company was awarded contracts in Peru, Mexico, and Italy and needed advice as to the type of entity to set up in each jurisdiction to comply with local laws, protect the U.S entity from foreign liability, and to minimize in-country taxes. The local Meritas firms in each country advised the U.S. company on each of these issues and assisted in setting up the foreign entities and obtaining all necessary permits and licenses. Parr Brown drafted the necessary inter-company agreements for the U.S company and its related entities.

A rapidly growing Utah pharmaceutical company wanted to expand on its substantial U.S. sales base and sell internationally. To focus efforts and capital most efficiently, the company desired to first enter foreign markets with shorter and less expensive pharmaceutical regulatory approval processes. Parr Brown contacted Meritas-affiliated firms in the target areas of the world and within a few days was able to provide the client with a table setting forth executive summaries of the regulatory environments, times, and costs for almost 50 countries, and the local firms provided the initial information without charge.

A high-tech client needed to understand the effect under Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, and Belgian laws of a provision in a licensing agreement proposed by a Dutch partner, and affiliated law firms in each jurisdiction provided the answer within 36 hours without charge to the client.

Affiliated firms have frequently assisted Parr Brown clients by providing contacts with and access to local and national governments and regulatory bodies in foreign countries.

For additional references to successful cases involving international legal matters, click here.

Global Language Capabilities

One-third of Parr Brown attorneys have lived and/or worked overseas, including work in foreign law offices, and speak a wide variety of second languages. Out attorneys speak Arabic, Cantonese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Thai to name a few.

We look forward to assisting you with whatever international legal matters we can. At Parr Brown, each of our attorneys stresses the importance of building a strong relationship with every client. We believe that a strong relationship is foundational to successful strategies, litigation, or growth. Speak with one of the attorneys shown below today for assistance with your international business legal needs.

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