Commercial Litigation Services

Parr Brown’s contract attorneys are well-known for contract dispute resolution, including by way of litigation, mediation, and arbitration. We understand the importance of having an attorney that understands the nuances of your industry. Our attorneys have years of experience serving many clients in various industries, in many different countries. For assistance in resolving your contract dispute matters, please contact one of our attorneys shown below.

We Have Assisted Clients With Contract Disputes In The Following Industries:

  • Corporate Transactions
  • Insurance
  • Licensing
  • Banking
  • Land Use
  • Design and Construction
  • Intellectual Property
  • Franchising
  • Real Estate
  • General Liability

Tailored Resolution Methods for Differing Contract Disputes

Many contract disputes arise from issues involving breaches of contract, enforcing non-compete agreements, or discerning complex, ambiguous, or unclear language. No matter the issue, we are confident our team of contract attorneys can successfully guide you through the entire process efficiently and effectively.

At Parr Brown, we believe in the importance of creating a personal connection with each client in order to customize our approach to resolution. Our team assists clients in and out of the courtroom, pursuing various dispute resolution methods as circumstances dictate. We pride ourselves in being highly experienced in handling complex litigation cases and alternative dispute resolution methods of mediation and arbitration.

We Handle Contract Cases Arising From:

  • Significant performance issues or material breaches
  • Partial or minor breaches of contract terms
  • Disputes and disagreements regarding consideration
  • Misrepresentations and errors
  • Coercion and unenforceability of contracts

For more information on how Parr Brown can serve your contract dispute needs, contact one of the contract dispute attorneys below.