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In receiverships, experience, expertise and good judgment are essential.

Parr Brown has assembled a preeminent team of professionals to serve as receivers or counsel to receivers, and to assist federal and state agencies in undertaking the complex tasks associated with equity receiverships. Our team includes attorneys with decades of private litigation experience, two former SEC enforcement attorneys, three former Utah State enforcement attorneys, and attorneys who have handled some of the largest and most complex receiverships in the country. With over $1 billion recovered on behalf of fraud victims by members of Parr Brown’s Receivership team, no Utah firm, and few firms nationally, have the receivership expertise and experience of Parr Brown.

Parr Brown attorneys in the Receivership Practice Group have extensive experience working closely with both federal and state regulators, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the Utah Division of Consumer Protection, and the Utah Division of Securities. Among the major cases handled by members of Parr Brown’s receivership group in different capacities are: 

  • CFTC v. Rust Rare Coin: a 15-year long Ponzi scheme with over $300 in investments and losses exceeding $100 million;
  • FTC v. Zurixx: a real estate coaching company that defrauded consumers of more than $100 million;
  • SEC v. Vescor: a company fraudulently selling $180 million in unregistered notes to more than 800 investors;
  • SEC v. Impact Cash: a payday lending company that fraudulently solicited investments of over $47 million from at least 120 investors; and
  • United States v. RaPower: a fraudulent tax scheme involving tens of millions of dollars.

The origin of Parr Brown’s Receivership Group took place more than 25 years ago in the SEC v. Capital Acquisitions Ponzi scheme litigation. Federal Judge Dale Kimball appointed Robert Wing to serve as receiver at the request of the SEC, then represented by Tom Melton. Later, a Utah State Court appointed Jonathan Hafen to serve as class counsel in a related case. Collectively, they stopped the scheme and recovered over $15 million on behalf of more than 1,000 victims who had lost more than $23 million.

Since those days, members of the Receivership group have been appointed as receivers in cases like Vescor (Robert Wing) and Rust Rare Coin (Jonathan Hafen), and Parr Brown attorneys (Jeff Balls, Joe Covey, Jonathan Hafen, Kara Houck, Claire McGuire, Tom Melton, Joni Ostler, and Robert Wing) have represented receivers in investigating fraud allegations, in preserving and protecting assets, and in hundreds of claw-back actions, initiating and winning cases seeking to obtain funds to repay defrauded investors.

In addition to cases brought by regulatory enforcement agencies, all members of Parr Brown’s Receivership Group are available to be appointed by courts or by private parties as receivers of businesses. Often such appointments occur when those who own or control a business are facing either admitted or contested allegations of fraud or breach of duty.

While many receiverships involve fraud, they sometimes arise simply because of a company’s insolvency. Lawyers at Parr Brown also have deep experience in this type of receivership. Joe Covey has spent years working with bankruptcy trustees, corporate creditors and debtors in situations of insolvency.

Parr Brown attorneys have also successfully represented victims of financial fraud, as well as receivers and bankruptcy trustees, in class action and mass action cases against financial and legal professionals and other third parties.

Parr Brown’s full-service legal team supports both Court-appointed and privately hired receivers with a broad array of expert-level legal services, including commercial litigation, employment, tax, bankruptcy, real estate, securities compliance, asset sales, and probate. In addition, Parr Brown has close relationships with forensic accounting firms who assist in tracing funds, evaluating financial statements, and preparing claims analysis.

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