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The Salt Lake City, Utah, personal injury attorneys of Parr Brown are well versed in the complexities of recovering damages for personal injury claims. It is important to contact a lawyer quickly because the Utah statute of limitations applies to all injury cases and any delay on your part could adversely affect your eligibility for a claim and prevent a lawyer from being of assistance.

Unlike in most personal injury law firms, clients work directly with Parr Brown lawyers from the beginning of a case until its conclusion rather than being delegated to administrative assistants or paralegals. The firm has developed a reputation for client-centered legal representation on personal injury and accident cases. Substantial contact with a personal injury/accident lawyer allows for greater communication, which can lead to optimal results.

Parr Brown is selective about the cases we take. This ensures that every personal injury client is given high priority and receives personal attention from dedicated, committed lawyers. When a case is taken, a free initial consultation is offered and prospective clients are presented with candid advice about the case and the possibilities for settlement or trial.

We handle cases in which negligent, intentional, or accidental acts result in catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death. Previous cases have included medical negligence, complex product liability and other personal injury actions, including:

  • Catastrophic and serious personal injury.
  • Wrongful death.
  • Medical malpractice.
  • Serious car, truck, or motorcycle accidents.
  • Dram Shop liability (alcohol service liability).

All personal injury/accident cases are taken on a contingent fee basis. The benefit to the personal injury client is that legal fees are only paid if the case is won. Fees are typically paid out of the recovery.

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