Natural Resources Law

In the arid West, issues involving water rights can be crucial.  Our legal expertise covers all aspects of Utah and federal water law, including transactional, administrative, regulatory, and title issues, as well as dispute resolution and corporate affairs. Clients include businesses, individuals, real estate developers, ranchers, municipalities, special service districts, homeowners associations, irrigation companies, ski resorts, consultants, banks, mineral operators, utilities, refineries and manufacturers.

Our water law services include:
  • Change, exchange and other water right filings to allow acquisition and use of water.
  • Purchase, sale, modification and transfer of water rights.
  • Certification of water rights.
  • Ownership, title and due diligence reviews.
  • Sole supply determination.
  • Reports of conveyance.
  • Protests and defensive protection of water rights.
  • Hearings before the Utah Division of Water Rights.
  • Assistance with administrative proceedings.
  • Water use, water supply, water lease, water banking, water well and other water agreements.
  • Project development and funding.
  • Water company formation and management.
  • Water shares.
  • Geothermal development.
  • Wetlands issues.
  • Permitting, including stormwater, stream alteration and dredge/fill (Sec. 404).
  • Water disposal.
  • Source protection.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Related litigation such as ownership disputes, water right modification disputes, prescriptive easements and flood liability.