Utah Tax Attorneys

Parr Brown’s Utah tax attorneys provide corporate and other business clients with technical tax expertise concerning strategic tax planning, corporate and partnership taxation, tax litigation, international tax, and other legal matters. With many lawyers having experience in both tax law and accounting, we are able to provide your business with comprehensive legal approaches that maximize your company’s tax efficiency. For more in-depth information, view our corporate and tax litigation pages, or contact any of the tax attorneys shown below today.

Corporate Structuring And Tax Planning Attorneys

Whether you are a young business with taxation concerns regarding structure and strategic tax planning, or a well-established corporation in need of tax guidance for a merger or acquisition, Parr Brown’s tax planning attorneys are prepared to assist you. For more information, please view our corporate tax attorney page here.

Business Tax Litigation Attorneys

From tax audits with the IRS to formal hearings or appeals, our attorneys are prepared to manage the most complex tax litigation matters. We have successfully represented clients involved with the IRS, Utah State Tax Commission, and other local taxing authorities. Review your case with an attorney today, or view our tax litigation attorney page here.

We understand that your company’s tax concerns are unique, and will require a personal evaluation. At Parr Brown, we emphasize aligning each client with attorneys who actively participate and specialize in tax law. To begin evaluating your company’s legal tax needs, please contact one of the attorneys shown below today.