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The attorneys at Parr Brown possess substantial experience assisting individuals, businesses and governments regarding all legal aspects of land development, land use and zoning in Utah. Land use and zoning attorneys are important in a rapidly evolving practice area that demands a comprehensive understanding of the requirements established by local and state governments to ensure a successful development. Parr Brown’s land use attorneys and zoning lawyers are actively involved in various developments and land use initiatives throughout the state of Utah, which results in a strong understanding of land use and zoning requirements statewide. Our zoning lawyers and land use attorneys are prepared to guide you step-by-step through the entire process, to assist you in complying with all legal requirements and to challenge unlawful requirements when necessary. To learn more, please contact us.

Parr Brown’s Land Use And Zoning Law Attorneys In Utah Are Prepared To:

  • Assist governmental entities, individuals, and businesses of all sizes in both the private and public development sectors
  • Provide all-inclusive legal guidance in land development, land use, annexation, municipal incorporation, subdivision, and zoning matters
  • Assist clients by managing the intricacies of development approval requirements and procedures, including by negotiating development agreements and other matters with governmental entities
  • Provide guidance to help ensure our client’s development projects comply with all necessary ordinances and permits
  • Represent clients in hearings, and administrative and judicial appeals to challenge ordinances or requirements that hinder the success of the development

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Having a dedicated land use and zoning lawyer that is actively involved in local development ensures that your development will have guidance through the various land use and zoning approvals, paired with the ability to challenge unlawful requirements that oppose the development’s success. To learn more about Parr Brown’s land use and zoning attorneys, or to discuss an upcoming land development, contact any of the attorneys shown below.

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