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Parr Brown’s intellectual property lawyers are prepared to assist clients, local, national and international, with complex intellectual property litigation. The firm has served as lead counsel for clients in a wide variety of industries. Parr Brown IP lawyers work with clients to meet business priorities and to pursue the most efficient and economically fair resolutions, whether that is achieved by intellectual property litigation, mediation, or arbitration. For more information, contact an intellectual property lawyer listed below.

Experienced Copyright Infringement Attorneys

The intellectual property litigators and copyright infringement attorneys at Parr Brown have extensive experience representing clients in copyright infringement litigation, both defending clients against claims of infringement and taking immediate steps to prevent infringement of clients’ copyrights, whether it be by demand letter and negotiation or litigation.

Distinguished Trademark Infringement Attorneys

As a corporate law firm specializing in large-scale, complex business litigation matters, our intellectual property lawyers have a strong reputation regarding trademark infringement matters. With a history of serving clients in the technology, medical, and manufacturing industries (among others), the firm is prepared to assist with any complex intellectual property litigation matter, whether defending against or prosecuting a claim of trademark infringement. Parr Brown IP lawyers have extensive experience resolving trademark disputes by negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and intellectual property litigation.

Trade Secret Litigation & Other Specialties

In addition to copyright and trademark infringement, the firm assists clients with matters including trade secret litigation and misappropriation, unfair competition, and patent litigation. Parr Brown’s intellectual property litigation group has assisted clients with distribution, licensing, manufacturing, publishing, and internet-related disputes. For details regarding the industries we have served, and previously successful litigation matters, refer to the content below. For assistance or further information, please contact any of the attorneys shown below.

Industries We’ve Served:

  • Software
  • Computers, hardware, and information technology
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Medical
  • Entertainment and arts
  • Mining
  • Digital and internet-based
  • Consulting
  • Telecommunications
  • Recreation

Outstanding Expertise At Favorable Fees

It is not unusual for Parr Brown to be named as lead counsel at some point in the litigation process by companies accustomed to national-caliber counsel. For instance, Parr Brown was engaged by the manufacturer of moving targets in a patent matter pending in the Northern District of California that had been ongoing for several months. We were originally hired to defend non-patent-related counterclaims brought by the accused infringer in the underlying patent case. After a few months of involvement, the client hired Parr Brown as lead counsel, for all purposes, noting that our expertise was equivalent to and our fees more favorable than the original lead counsel, a nationally recognized firm from California. Within months, the counterclaims were reduced to an insignificant risk and the underlying patent case was prepared for a summary judgment finding of infringement.

Personalized Attention And Expedited Settlements

In another case, Parr Brown served as local counsel for over a year in a matter pending in Utah after lead counsel belatedly brought us in following an adverse Markman ruling. The client, a medical device manufacturer, insisted we assume the lead counsel role and, within two weeks of doing so, the plaintiff proposed a settlement with essentially the same terms the client desired. The proposed settlement followed a motion informing the court of the details of the client’s product. In the four years the case had been in progress, the court had not heard this information. The primary reasons the client cited for the change were Parr Brown’s “national Silicon Valley” level of expertise and a higher level of personalized attention at a far more reasonable cost.

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We are confident that our intellectual property litigators are prepared to help you address your legal concerns regarding copyrights, trademarks, patents, and all other intellectual property law. To schedule an initial consultation, or to request further information, complete this form or please contact any of the intellectual property lawyers shown below today.

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