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Parr Brown has one of the leading estate planning and trust and estate administration practices in the Intermountain West, with more than 130 years of combined experience. When trust and estate litigation or mediation is required, Parr Brown’s attorneys possess experience and knowledge that provide invaluable input and perspective in navigating the planned litigation and dispute resolution processes. Whether you are looking for estate attorneys or trust attorneys, all of Parr Brown’s attorneys exercise compassion, understanding, and efficiency in resolving these unique disputes that often have a personal and emotional dynamic.

Parr Brown’s estate and trust attorneys have assisted clients in a broad spectrum of trust and estate litigation and dispute resolution matters, including both formal and informal probate as well as trust and estate disputes of all kinds. Representative clients include individuals, estates, companies, trustees, personal representatives, beneficiaries, heirs, and devisees. Disputes handled have ranged from simple estates to multi-million dollar disputes involving well-established companies and/or sizable estates and trusts. Representative cases include the following:

  • Reached numerous informal resolutions of disputes over division of personal and real property between heirs/devisees upon passing of a family member;
  • Resolved numerous disputes between second spouse and children of the first spouse in the state and trust context;
  • Assisted medical devices and health and fitness company in resolving a dispute over ownership of its shares upon the death of majority shareholder of the company;
  • Resolved an estate dispute between trustee and beneficiaries of charitable trust regarding distribution and donation to an established foundation;
  • Represented members of a limited liability company to resolve competing claims over usage of real property after the death of one member;
  • Defended and reached an out-of-court settlement of claims brought by disinherited children against other siblings and heirs relative to multi-million dollar estate that included cash and real estate holdings;
  • Represented trustee in competing beneficiary claims over significant real estate assets in the context of condemnation proceedings where one beneficiary faced creditors claiming entitlement to assets based on fraud;
  • Assisted surviving spouse in resolving numerous estate litigation matters with creditors and other third parties upon the sudden death of spouse;
  • Negotiated resolution of a dispute between competing claimants for appointment as personal representative of the estate and resolved dispute as to interment of the deceased;
  • Represented surviving spouse in challenging a competing claim of a foreign national to become the personal representative of a complex estate with real estate holdings in multiple jurisdictions;
  • Assisted during trust litigation in addressing claims of breach of fiduciary duty in failing to distribute assets equally to beneficiaries when trust called for alternative distribution;
  • Represented numerous individuals in guardianship and conservatorship matters; and
  • The assisted personal representative in pursuing recovery of estate assets, including repayment of a significant loan.

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Any type of estate litigation can be an emotional and personal experience which is why at Parr Brown our attorneys are committed to helping you resolve disputes in an efficient and friendly manner.

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