Risk Management and Insurance Coverage

We are committed to assisting our clients with managing risk associated with their business endeavors.  We provide that assistance at the inception of a business relationship through negotiations for indemnification, insurance, and other risk transferring provisions often set forth in various agreements. We assist our clients with insurance program evaluation and, in conjunction with a client’s insurance advisors, provide evaluation of potential areas for which coverage could be requested from insurance underwriters.

We represent clients in a broad array of insurance matters.  We represent clients in insurance coverage disputes and help obtain coverage before, during, and after litigation or other types of disputes.  We provide coverage opinions to clients that are insurance companies.  We also represent clients in non-coverage disputes in which the meaning of insurance provisions is at issue.

We represent clients in matters involving many types of insurance, such as title insurance, heath insurance, commercial general liability policies of insurance, directors and officers policies of insurance, builder’s risk policies of insurance, errors and omissions policies of insurance, employment practices liability insurance, owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIPs), contractor-controlled insurance programs (CCIPs), homeowner’s insurance, and property and casualty insurance.  The nature of disputes arising out of those policies includes: 

  • Title and escrow claims;
  • Construction defects;
  • Professional errors and omissions;
  • Personal injury caused by automobile accident, fire, catastrophe, and premises liability;
  • Products liability;
  • Defamation, privacy, and other personal and advertising injury claims;
  • Financial institution fidelity;
  • Environmental and toxic torts;
  • Claims against directors and officers;
  • Property and casualty insurance fraud;
  • Business interruption; and
  • Proper claims handling.

We have significant legal expertise with title insurance and escrow claims and represent most major title insurance underwriters and agencies.