Coronavirus Legal Updates

Like many of you, we at Parr Brown have been watching and reacting on a daily basis to the rapidly changing dynamics of the coronavirus crisis.  Each new day seems to bring new challenges, but also more information and, hopefully, meaningful progress against the spread of the disease.  Our relationships with our clients are the most valued and important part of our business, and we are acutely aware of the profound disruption this crisis has caused for many of you.  Coming up with solutions to help our clients through this uncertain time has been foremost in our minds and in our ongoing crisis planning.

We want you all to know that we are here and remain ready to assist in any way you should need.  Although many of us are not physically in the office for the time being, we are fully connected remotely and able to help.  This pandemic has raised many new legal issues and revived some old ones, and our people have been working overtime to keep abreast of the ongoing legal developments. Below you will find links to memoranda that address some of these emerging issues. We are committed to getting new information out to you as things develop, and you can contact any of our professionals to assist you in this time.  Our areas of specialization are listed to the left, and you can navigate to any of those areas to further locate specific attorneys to assist you.